Dear Sirs and Madams,

We would like to offer to your attention real estates, which might be of interest to you and your future investment plans.

The plots are located in the village of Lozenets, in the southern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.
Lozenets is set 65 km to the south of Burgas, which is a district centre, and 75 km from its international airport. The village is 10 km to the south of Primorsko, where there is a private airfield for light ‘air taxi’ aircrafts, and 6 km to the north from the municipal centre Tsarevo, which has a yacht port.

Lozenets is at the very the seaside of the Black Sea and at the same time the village is at the foot of Strandzha mountains, great part of which, areas ‘Strandzha’ and ‘Karaagach’, is included in the European network of protected areas – Natura 2000. Lozenets itself is outside these and has well developed tourism. Water is clean and suitable for various water sports and spear fishing.

The plot on offer is divided by the streets into three parts, depending of the construction regime. All of these three plots are within the construction limits of Lozenets, regulated and with detailed site development plans.

Each plot is separately offered, as well in combination with any of the other plots.

Real estate’s owner holds proper ownership documents, which can be traced back from the time of settling of local people in 1928 until the present day.